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Studio for Visual Art
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NL- 1001 MD Amsterdam

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Now and Soon

Meet Rosa Luxemburg Capital’s Victory March
International Institute of Social History
Until July 25
Opening hours: monday – friday, from 8am – 6pm.
Cruquiusweg 31
1019 AT Amsterdam



DeNieuweGalerie, Amstelveen


Open Studios Amstelveen
Open Studios Nieuwmarkt – Amsterdam city centre
DeNieuweGalerie, Amstelveen

ClimateExpo ’22   Being worthy of the time to-be
In cooperation with Museum de Fundatie,  Zwolle

Schoorl, Galerie Klein Zwitserland  ‘A cabinet of silence’ works on paper
Amsterdam, Oranjekerk ‘The Weight of Words’ (of) Hannah Arendt UNheard
Amsterdam, Hyatt Regency  works on paper
Open Studios Amstelveen  works on paper
Aalsmeer, ‘Toekomst’ (‘Future’)  Being worthy of the time to-be

Galerie Bloemendaal, ‘De groene eeuw, ooit is nu’ (‘The green century, ever is now’) Dyspnoea 1073
Art Eindhoven, works on paper
Kunst-227, Amsterdam, works on paper

Storing AUB: ‘Interspace’, Zwolle work on paper
kunstRUIM: Hyatt Regency Hotel, Amsterdam  remembering installation
Affordable Art Fair Amsterdam, works on paper
Europa ZomerExpo 2019, summer exhibition Tower of Babel
Bagagehal Loods 6, Amsterdam (guest at De Onafhankelijken) works on paper
CBK Amsterdam, ‘SustainAbility Art’  Dyspnoea 1073
Pulchri Studio Den Haag ‘SustainAbility Art’, Dyspnoea 1073

Affordable Art Fair Amsterdam works on paper
Kunstmoment Diepenheim ‘Contrast in evenwicht’ works on paper
Roden, Verkuno ‘Beeld bij water’ (Image at water)  Drasland – Wetland
Amsterdam Koningsstraat, remembrance installation
Art Eindhoven, works on paper

Amsterdam, DE-Tour Wenckebach, ‘A cabinet of silence’ works on paper
Museum De Fundatie Zomerexpo, ‘Water’  wall object Placuna