Helena van Essen
Studio for Visual Art
PO Box 15185
NL- 1001 MD Amsterdam

+ 31 (0) 6 24 80 44 24

Wetland (Drasland)

A sensory installation to evoke the atmosphere of Drasland (Wetland). The visitor enters a space without light and colour, but with a soggy bottom, a breath of wind, a light smell and – through headphones – an abundance of nature sounds. You can here listen to a fragment of 60 seconds.

Drasland (Wetland): front with entrance of the installation behind of which there is a completely dark space.Undergoing Drasland (Wetland): the visitor is on the verge to go into the sensual installation. The visitor goes into the completely dark space of the sensual installation Drasland (Wetland). To undergo Drasland (Wetland): in the dark, on spongy ground, with a slight draft and mild smell, the visitor hears the sounds of nature.


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