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Emily Dickinson

Installation in two parts (2008) about the silent white world of the American poet Emily Dickinson (1830-1886). Emily wrote
in her self-chosen isolation nearly 1800 poems.

Location of the installation:
hall and cellar of Manor Kernhem (1803) in Ede.

The video registration lasts three minutes.

The soul unto itself
Is an imperial friend –
Or the most agonizing Spy –
An Enemy – could send –

Emily Dickinson

The installation in the hall

In an attempt to camouflage her bad body odour, due to chronic kidney disease, Emily Dickinson surrounded herself with flowers with an intense fragrance. Often her garden is the subject of her poetry.

Affixed to a mirror, Emily’s portrait is lying on the bottom of the pond. While looking at it, your face fuses with hers.